What we do

GroVida is a Portuguese incorporated company which intends to penetrate into the medical cannabis market in Europe, by utilising our state of the art cultivation facility and building a processing facility in Portugal. The company plans to serve what will be the fastest growing market in Europe, and the many patients who can benefit from cannabinoid-based treatment.

GroVida has a world-class facility with 20,000m2 of high technology greenhouses, constructed and ready to cultivate, with the ability to expand rapidly by adding more greenhouses to the existing site. We will create a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)extraction facility, warehouse, laboratory and research and development centre.

We are an active pharmaceutical ingredients supplier to European pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.


GroVida aspires to become a world leader in the production of the highest quality medical cannabis by delivering cutting edge solutions to evolving patient needs.”


Value people

People: Operating with integrity and within a trust culture. Valuing above all the safety of our employees, customers and patients.

Value planet

Planet: Thinking and acting in sustainable ways to protect the planet we live in and reduce our impact on it.

Profit: Efficiency for sustained growth.